William of Saint-Thierry (1085–1148), Read by Patricia Ferris McGInn

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WRITINGS in chronological order, include:

  • De contemplando Deo (On Contemplating God) in 1121–1124. This is sometimes paired with De natura et dignitate amoris (below) under the title Liber solioquiorum sancti Bernardi.[2]
  • De natura et dignitate amoris (On the Nature and Dignity of Love) around the same time. This is sometimes called the Liber beati Bernardi de amore.[3]
  • Oratio domni Willelmi (Prayer of Dom. William) in 1120s.
  • Epistola ad Domnum Rupertum (Letter to Rupert of Deutz).
  • De sacramento altaris (On the Sacrament of the Altar) which is the earliest Cistercian text on sacramental theology and written in 1122–23.[4]
  • Prologus ad Domnum Bernardum abbatem Claravallis (Preface to Sac Alt to Bernard).
  • Brevis commentatio in Canticum canticorum (Brief Comments on the Song of Songs) his first exposition of this biblical text in mid-1120s, written shortly after his time of convalescence with Bernard at Clairvaux.[5]
  • Commentarius in Canticum canticorum e scriptis S. Ambrosii (Commentary on the Song of Songs from the Writings of St. Ambrose) around 1128.
  • Excerpta ex libris sancti Gregorii super Canticum canticorum (Excerpts from the Books of St. Gregory [the Great] over the Song of Songs) around the same year.
  • Responsio abbatum (Response of the Abbots) from the General Chapter of Benedictine abbots in the diocese of Reims in 1132.
  • Meditativae orationes (Meditations on Prayer), written c1128-35.[6][7]
  • Expositio super Epistolam ad Romanos (Exposition of the Letter to the Romans), written c1137.[8]
  • De natura corporis et animae (On the Nature of the Body and the Soul), written c1138.[9]
  • Expositio super Canticum canticorum (Exposition over the Song of Songs) his longer commentary on the Song of Songs, written c1138.[10]
  • Disputatio adversus Petrum Abelardum (Disputation against Peter Abelard) as a letter to Bernard in 1139.
  • Epistola ad Gaufridum Carnotensem episcopum et Bernardum abbatem Clarae-vallensem (preface to Disputatio).
  • Epistola de erroribus Guillelmi de Conchis (Letter on the Errors of William of Conches) also addressed to Bernard in 1141.
  • Sententiae de fide (Thoughts on Faith) in 1142 (now lost).
  • Speculum fidei (Mirror of Faith) around 1142–1144.[11]
  • Aenigma fidei (Enigma of Faith), written c1142-44.[12]
  • Epistola ad fratres de Monte-Dei (Letter to the Brothers of Mont-Dieu, more often called The Golden Epistle) in 1144–1145.[13]
  • Vita prima Bernardi (First Life of Bernard) in 1147 which was later added to by other authors after Bernard’s death in 1153.

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